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Warriors In Name

Guru's Warrior : 6 Bliss

Table of Contents
Guru's Warrior : 1 The Hidden Door
Guru's Warrior : 2 Khanda of Naam
Guru's Warrior : 3 Locked Out
Gurus' Warrior : 4 Sound of ONE
Guru's Warrior : 5 The Cave
Guru's Warrior : 6 Bliss
Guru's Warrior : 7 Blooming
Guru's Warrior : 8 Blossomed
Guru's Warrior : 9 Realm of Truth
Dusk to Dawning
Village of Children :1
Village of Children :2
Village of Children :3
The Leper :1 Banished
The Leper :2 Dreams
The Leper :3 Darshan Day
The Vazeer
The Awakening
Picture This
In Focus

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Part 6 - Bliss

      I spent many months drunk in this bliss of the Guru's Shabad.  Slowly spring arrived. I would go out and eat fresh fruit. I would visit the river everyday and play in its lap. I discovered the river too sang the Shabad! Indeed everything - trees, wind, animals – sang the Shabad. In fact, everything had always sung the Shabad - I just hadn't heard it before.

I would sometimes imagine how this Guru would be. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not even begin to imagine the wonder of this Guru whose Shabad was so enchanting. Then I started experiencing a new feeling within me - I started missing the Guru. It was quite beyond me to think how I could miss someone who I had never seen. But I felt immensely close to the Guru. He appeared to be closer to me than even my own self. This feeling deepened so much that it consumed me all day and all night. I felt that He was near me. I felt that He was loving me - nay, I felt that He was in love with me. His love was not something that is describable. It was as deep as the ocean. It was as high as the stars. It was as vast as the sky.

     My hunger to see Him turned into a passion - a burning passion. I could no longer sleep - not even for a moment. I could no longer eat – not even a bite. I could no longer think of other - not even for a moment. I would spend the whole day lost in His remembrance. Sometimes this craving for Him would swell inside me so much that in desperation I would run outside and shout, “I love you” over and over again to the sky. After I was spent, I would come back and with a sigh sit down and continue listening to the Shabad. I knew that I could not bear His separation much longer.

All I could think of was how he would look. How he would talk. How he would look at me. How I would touch His feet. How I would shyly tell him that I loved Him. How I would live and die for Him.


To be continued...

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