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Warriors In Name

Gurus' Warrior : 4 Sound of ONE

Table of Contents
Guru's Warrior : 1 The Hidden Door
Guru's Warrior : 2 Khanda of Naam
Guru's Warrior : 3 Locked Out
Gurus' Warrior : 4 Sound of ONE
Guru's Warrior : 5 The Cave
Guru's Warrior : 6 Bliss
Guru's Warrior : 7 Blooming
Guru's Warrior : 8 Blossomed
Guru's Warrior : 9 Realm of Truth
Dusk to Dawning
Village of Children :1
Village of Children :2
Village of Children :3
The Leper :1 Banished
The Leper :2 Dreams
The Leper :3 Darshan Day
The Vazeer
The Awakening
Picture This
In Focus

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Part 4 - Sound of ONE 

I went and stood by the river. The river was a powerful one. It gushed with a loud roar under the bright autumn sun. I jumped into the deep side of the river. Immediately, I went under the cool water. But the river brought me up again. I coughed with pain. I was ready to die, but the river refused to kill me. Like a mother, it carried me on its waves and carefully deposited me on its bank.

I could not help but laugh at my predicament - I could not even die! I sat on the bank and laughed. Soon the laughter turned into deep sobs. I had never cried like this before. Remorse engulfed me. My body hurt with each sob. I cried for my lost brother, my lost castle and most of all, I cried at the lost chance to go into the city behind the hidden door.

I sat and wept there for several hours. Finally, exhausted and spent, I lay down. I must have nodded off because when I awoke, night with its crisp sounds had arrived. Half awake, my attention went to the night sounds. The night, the river and the trees seemed to be saying something to me. I listened intently.

All the sounds merged and murmured, “One.”

Quite puzzled by this, I fell asleep again and woke up just before the sun did. Slowly I sat up. I was stiff from the cold. I stretched out. My arms were up in the air and just then the sunlight burst through the air dispelling the night's reign of darkness.

I cannot put into words what happened to me at that moment. The brightness and the warmth of the sun, the merriness of the river, the coolness of the air, the dance of the trees all joined together and invited me to become one of them. I now understood “One” -we were all one. I was one of them and they were one of me. I was in them and they were in me. I could not exist without them nor could they without me. I closed my eyes and heard everything say, “One ... One ... One.” Slowly I lowered my arms. That one moment had completely rejuvenated me. I got up and turned around to go back to the city. One look at the city far away in the mist was enough to drain some of me. No! I decided, I would not go back to that heartless and dreadful place. I looked back at the river and it smiled at me. I smiled back. Once again I listened to the river. To my great surprise and joy, it invited me along. That was the first friendly thing anybody had said to me since I lost my castle.

Indeed everything was friendly here, the river, the trees, the leaves, the shrubs, the sky, and the clouds. I felt cherished and needed.


To be continued...

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