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Warriors In Name

Guru's Warrior : 7 Blooming

Table of Contents
Guru's Warrior : 1 The Hidden Door
Guru's Warrior : 2 Khanda of Naam
Guru's Warrior : 3 Locked Out
Gurus' Warrior : 4 Sound of ONE
Guru's Warrior : 5 The Cave
Guru's Warrior : 6 Bliss
Guru's Warrior : 7 Blooming
Guru's Warrior : 8 Blossomed
Guru's Warrior : 9 Realm of Truth
Dusk to Dawning
Village of Children :1
Village of Children :2
Village of Children :3
The Leper :1 Banished
The Leper :2 Dreams
The Leper :3 Darshan Day
The Vazeer
The Awakening
Picture This
In Focus

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Part 7 - Blooming

Then one morning, long before dawn, I was sitting with closed eyes listening to the Shabad when suddenly I felt sunshine on me. Quite surprised, I opened my eyes. He stood at the entrance of the cave! The intense white light emitting from Him sent waves of coolness into me. He was dressed in pure white. His turban was royal. His clothes were flowing. His two swords were shining. His Kalgi, the feathery plume in his Turban, was majestic. I cannot even begin to describe His eyes: They were breathtakingly beautiful. Their golden glow put a thousand sunrises to shame. Their tranquility put a thousand moons to shame. Their softness put a thousand budding roses to shame.

I just sat there in rapture - drinking the bliss from the glow of His face. After several minutes, I came to my senses. I knelt down and said, “Welcome, this servant awaits your commands.”

He walked into the cave and motioned me to look up and raise my hands. He then placed the Khanda of Naam in my hands. A flower appeared inside me from nowhere. It was facing downwards. Suddenly, a golden ray traveled from the Khanda of Naam and flooded the flower. With full glory, the flower bloomed. Along with the flower, I bloomed. I become the flower. From the bottom of my stem, nectar arose. It traveled upwards filling every part of me with bliss. My petals glowed with a deep red color. Each part of me was maddeningly drunk with nectar. Each part of me was singing with indescribable joy. Each part of me was bowing to the Guru in thankfulness.

The Guru had blossomed spring within me after a long and deadly winter. The Guru had turned a dry well into an ocean of bliss. The Guru had replaced my darkness with overflowing colors. The Guru spoke. The Guru's voice was soft wind through the trees. It was morning sun shining through the twilight. It was creek water dancing over pebbles. It was birds singing at springtime. He said, “You are now stronger than a thousand lions, you now have more compassion than a thousand mother's hearts, you are now higher than the highest Himalayas peak. You are now Khalsa - the pure one. Go and defeat the five and enter the Realm of Truth.” Saying that, he turned around to go.

Although I was His slave now and the work of a slave is to obey and obey only, the dread of Him leaving broke my will and in desperation, I caught His angelic hand. I held His long and beautiful hand close to my face. I kissed His soft and wonder-filled hand.


To be continued...

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