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Warriors In Name

The Vazeer
Table of Contents
Guru's Warrior : 1 The Hidden Door
Guru's Warrior : 2 Khanda of Naam
Guru's Warrior : 3 Locked Out
Gurus' Warrior : 4 Sound of ONE
Guru's Warrior : 5 The Cave
Guru's Warrior : 6 Bliss
Guru's Warrior : 7 Blooming
Guru's Warrior : 8 Blossomed
Guru's Warrior : 9 Realm of Truth
Dusk to Dawning
Village of Children :1
Village of Children :2
Village of Children :3
The Leper :1 Banished
The Leper :2 Dreams
The Leper :3 Darshan Day
The Vazeer
The Awakening
Picture This
In Focus

     Once upon a time, a vazeer ( high minister) fell in love with a kings' daughter.



     Their love was true and transcended the class or economic structure of the kingdom. This did not please many of the status quo-ists and the king's ears were filled with lies about the unholiness of such a love.

The king, to set an example for future aspiring lovers, gave the vazeer the cruelest of punishments - the vazeer would be locked inside a very tall tower until he starved to death.

This punishment was particularly cruel because the prisoner could see other people of the kingdom living their natural lives while the prisoner would be faced with the slowest death possible.

When the prisoner was sentenced, the princess, with her influence, managed to see the vazeer just before he was dragged off to the tower. There was little time and the vazeer whispered something into the princess's ears.

One would expect the vazeer to proclaim his eternal love for the princess.  But what the vazeer whispered was this, “Get a male beetle. On its antenna rub some of a female beetle's scent. Get the finest of finest silk threads and tie it to the beetle's legs. Make the silk thread the length of the tower. Then tie a slightly heavier thread to the end of the silk thread. Next, slowly increase the strength of the thread until it is strong enough to bear my weight. Then tonight, set the beetle facing upwards at the bottom of the tower.”

The princess did exactly that.  A beetle was set at the bottom of the tower.  The beetle, pulled by the scent of the female beetle ascended the tower.

The vazeer, ever so carefully, pulled off the silk thread off the beetle's legs and ever so gently pulled the silk thread until he got the thread of more strength.  Eventually the vazeer got the heavy rope he had been waiting for and escaped from the tower.

     He and the princess rode into the forest and were never seen again in the kingdom.


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