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Warriors In Name

Dusk to Dawning
Table of Contents
Guru's Warrior : 1 The Hidden Door
Guru's Warrior : 2 Khanda of Naam
Guru's Warrior : 3 Locked Out
Gurus' Warrior : 4 Sound of ONE
Guru's Warrior : 5 The Cave
Guru's Warrior : 6 Bliss
Guru's Warrior : 7 Blooming
Guru's Warrior : 8 Blossomed
Guru's Warrior : 9 Realm of Truth
Dusk to Dawning
Village of Children :1
Village of Children :2
Village of Children :3
The Leper :1 Banished
The Leper :2 Dreams
The Leper :3 Darshan Day
The Vazeer
The Awakening
Picture This
In Focus

     She saw him lying face down in the mud and filth by the edge of the city street, nearly hidden by the long shadows of encroaching darkness in the impending dusk.

If she hadn't accidentally stumbled into him, she might never have noticed him lying there. She gasped, drawing her breath in sharply. It was the high prince of the kingdom that ruled the city. She removed her cloak and spread it over him.  “Sir, sir,” she shook him gently, “Wake up sir. We have to get you to some place of safety.”

“Who are you?” he asked puzzled, “Where am I.”

“We are in the out skirts of the kingdom, and you are injured. Just be still and come with me.”

“But who are you?” he asked again.

“I, sir am your servant” She replied, “Now hush.” She led him away to a humble cottage, more of a hovel, and took him inside.  She bathed him and removed his filthy clothes, giving him clean, worn ones, to wear. She fed him simple fare, wishing she had better. He lay back on her bed, and fell into a deep slumber. She sat through the night, at his bedside, watching, remembering.

She had been a captive of war, sold into slavery, taken to a far and strange land. She came from poor, but proud people. She was no longer young, not beautiful, but something in her bearing, had made him take notice of her, when she was being auctioned on the slave block.  He purchased her, took her home to his palace, and presented her to his princess. She was given duties, and taught the language. She still had difficulties understanding sometimes.  Their ways were so foreign, but she did her best to learn. After she had learned enough to gain some independence, she was given her freedom. Life was hard in the city, she often longed for the security inside the castle. Sometimes she wished she could be purchased again, everyone had been so kind.

Now she had a different problem.  It seemed the prince was unable to remember his identity, he certainly did not remember her.  She pondered over what to do. When he woke, it was light. She cared for him again. 

He was embarrassed.  “Why are you taking care of a beggar and thief like me,” he asked. 

“Sir you are no thief, you are the high prince, son of the Emperor himself.”

“Woman you are crazy,” he warned. “I’m nothing but a street vagabond, although a good looking one I admit, but certainly no prince.” 


“Stop calling me sir,” he roared.

“Sire then.”

“Hopelessly crazy,” he muttered.

“Respected young sire,” she continued, “You have suffered some injury, that prevents you from remembering your true identity.  Please let us go and sit at the gate of the kingdom. Perhaps that will help you to recall your heritage.” She described the court life for him, telling of the tastes, scents, sights, and sounds of his former way of life, hoping to prod his memory.”

When they reached the gate, she requested him to repeat his Fathers name. “Please continue to repeat the name of the Most High One in a loud voice. Perhaps your Father or one of his guards will hear you and open the gates.”

He did as she requested feeling very foolish and unworthy. He certainly had no recollection of any of the descriptions she had given him of what lay beyond those gates. After a bit, he had a sort of inkling, but dismissed it as just a memory of her descriptions, nothing he could remember first hand.

She showed him a small jewel given to her by one of the occupants of the kingdom.  He looked at her in awe, “I should be your servant.”

She replied, “I have been instructed never to reveal this jewel lest it should be stolen from me. However what is rightfully yours is lakhs and lakhs compared to this.”  He shook his head in amazement and wonder.

They sat together every day for 2 1/2 hours, 91 days in all.  She refused to leave his side or let him leave the gate except to make some living. They returned again each morning. She continued to admonish him to repeat His Fathers name.

Then one morning.... it dawned on him; everything came rushing back suddenly, overwhelmingly…


Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru...

The beauty, the splendor...

Waheguru waheguru waheguru....

Joy, past absolute caring...

waheguru waheguru waheguru...

Comfort, peace, tranquility....

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru...


waheguru waheguru waheguru....

Fathers loving arms...

waheguru waheguru waheguru....


waheguru waheguru waheguru

Love, Bliss, Union...

waheguru waheguru waheguru,...

He wept...

waheguru waheguru waheguru...

Washed in....

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru,

When he remembered to look for her, he found her inside…

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru


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